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IACS Forensic Readiness

It is important that your organization, network and assets are prepared for the collection of forensic data. This ensures that you can secure the data required when a cyber security incident occurs, and that you have the right information available to act quickly and effectively. For example to identify the cause of the incident or identify possible culprits.

Hudson Cybertec helps your organization with the preventive provisioning, maintenance and operation of the necessary infrastructure for: Incident response, monitoring and detection, logging and all other things related to forensic readiness.

An IACS Forensic readiness scan conducted by Hudson Cybertec gives you a comprehensive overview of your current situation and measures the level of Forensic Readiness within your organization. During this scan our forensic experts assess whether you have the right digital information available for a forensic investigation in case of incidents. We will review all aspects of cyber security: people, process and technology.

Policy & Procedure Development

Do you still have to create a security policy, or are your policies no longer up to date?

As an independent cyber security expert, Hudson Cybertec has all the necessary knowledge to support you in the development of security policies and procedures. We consider standards such as the IEC 62443 or the ISO 27000, as well as developments in legislation.

To ensure that the security policies and procedures of your organization stay up-to-date, we offer a service that reviews these policies and procedures on a regular basis against your (changed) organization’s needs and current standards and legal requirements.

Implementation Cyber Security Management

The worldwide renown IEC 62443 standard describes how cyber security can be managed in the OT domain, through a Cyber Security Management System (CSMS). Implementation of a CSMS for industrial control systems security is a specialized task.

Hudson Cybertec supports your organization with developing and implementing a CSMS and allows you to manage cyber security in a structured way.


When expanding existing installations, or purchase new IACS systems, you want these to be cyber secure?

Together with you, Hudson Cybertec defines the cyber security requirements. Products and systems that are delivered to you should be configured conform the set cyber security requirements, thereby significantly increasing the level of cyber security.

During the procurement phase you deliver these requirements to your suppliers. This allows them to take your requirements into account during development of systems, and deliver a product that meets your cyber security expectations.


Hudson Cybertec supervises the procurement and implementation of products and systems. We test these products and systems to ensure that they comply with the required cyber security level. By using our supervision your organization can be confident that the required security level is assured or improved.

Design Validation

Incorporating the required cyber security measures in the design of technical installations, or securing existing installations, requires a thorough knowledge of both technology and cyber security.

As an independent specialist in the field of cyber security for technical environments such as Industrial Control systems, PLC and SCADA networks, building management systems, HVAC and other building-related installations.

Hudson Cybertec supports you with validation of network design, creating or updating ‘as-built’ design documentation, FAT/SAT-support, or engineering validation (of external parties). But also with security by design implementation, penetration tests, engineering support, and more.

Network segmentation & Re-design

When an incident occurs, it is important that the impact is contained. As a result, it is important to segment your network infrastructure. Due to the long life of technical networks it is important that this is considered. Until recently, functionality and safety of the installation were the most important criteria. Cyber security and segmentation were nice to have and rarely considered. Hudson Cybertec will help you to improve the structure of your infrastructure, by segmenting or redesigning your OT-network, making your infrastructure more resilient to cyber incidents.