IACS Forensic Readiness

It is important that your organization, network and assets are prepared for the collection of forensic data. This ensures that you can secure the data required when a cyber security incident occurs, and that you have the right information available to act quickly and effectively. For example to identify the cause of the incident or identify possible culprits.

Hudson Cybertec helps your organization with the preventive provisioning, maintenance and operation of the necessary infrastructure for: Incident response, monitoring and detection, logging and all other things related to forensic readiness.

An IACS Forensic readiness scan conducted by Hudson Cybertec gives you a comprehensive overview of your current situation and measures the level of Forensic Readiness within your organization. During this scan our forensic experts assess whether you have the right digital information available for a forensic investigation in case of incidents. We will review all aspects of cyber security: people, process and technology.

Network Monitoring

The management of your IACS network infrastructure is vitally important, since a problem in communications can have a major impact on the operation of your primary process. This is not only limited to communication problems in your network. For your organization's cyber-resistance, it's important to know which kind of traffic is using your network.

Once the traffic is identified it is important to identify if these traffic flows are authorized to go from system A to system B. Are there data streams that can unintentionally cause problems for other more important data streams? Is there malware present on your network? Are your switches and firewalls configured to protect the primary process from interference by unwanted data streams?

Detect unauthorized traffic on your ICS/SCADA networks and take the correct action immediately. This is easier said than done. The network monitoring service of Hudson Cybertec takes the management of your IACS network infrastructure out of your hands so that you can concentrate on your primary process.

Asset Management

Do you know your network? Your organization will benefit significantly from up-to-date asset management. Hudson Cybertec provides a complete overview with the required information on the state of all your assets. We help you to maintain your networks and installations. If you already have an asset management system, we can check, update and maintain it for you.

Hudson Cybertec can also take over the complete Asset Management for you. We keep your Asset Management system up to date, ensure the correct and timely execution of maintenance work, analyze failures and help you to prepare the proper procedures.

Network segmentation & Re-design

When an incident occurs, it is important that the impact is contained. As a result, it is important to segment your network infrastructure. Due to the long life of technical networks it is important that this is considered. Until recently, functionality and safety of the installation were the most important criteria. Cyber security and segmentation were nice to have and rarely considered. Hudson Cybertec will help you to improve the structure of your infrastructure, by segmenting or redesigning your OT-network, making your infrastructure more resilient to cyber incidents.


Hudson Cybertec supervises the procurement and implementation of products and systems. We test these products and systems to ensure that they comply with the required cyber security level. By using our supervision your organization can be confident that the required security level is assured or improved.