Managed Services

Managing cybersecurity with respect to the network infrastructure within an organization is often part of the IT organization. Within the Operational Technology (OT) environment, the priority is the continuity and safety of the primary process. Due to the difference between the both domains, it is often difficult for the IT organization to manage cyber security within the OT environment.

Advantages of Hudson Cybertec’s Managed Services

Hudson Cybertec, as independent provider of cyber security services for the OT-domain, helps your organization by taking care of your cyber security related work using our managed services. We offer a complete set of services that ensures that the level of cyber security of your organization increases. Our services take into account the three pillars of cyber security: people, process and technology.

Because of our focus on cyber security, you can focus on your core business and leave cyber security to our experts. You take advantage of our cross-domain expertise and save on investments in internal resources or expertise in cyber security. Your cyber security will be effectively and efficiently managed which result in your organization’s increased security level.

For whom are the Managed Services?

Managed services from Hudson Cybertec are intended for organizations that do not have sufficient cyber security knowledge available or that have insufficient resources available to manage cyber security. Such as many small and medium sized businesses and businesses in the manufacturing industry.

Customized Managed Services

You can rely on Hudson Cybertec's longstanding experience in managing and supporting cyber security within the IACS infrastructure. We offer a comprehensive range of managed services.

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