Security Scans

Organizations become increasingly dependent on their technical systems due to the constantly increasing complexity and degree of automation of their technical installations. Developments such as IoT and LoRa provide greater exposure of cyber threats to the organization in this "hyperconnected" world. It is of the utmost importance that you know how well your organization is protected against cyber threats. A security scan gives you this insight.

What does a security scan involve?

By executing a security scan, insight is given in the current state of cyber security within your organization. To accomplish this, we perform both technical and organizational scans. During a security scan, we look at the three pillars of cyber security: people, process and technology. We will investigate the security awareness of your employees, organizational aspects regarding cyber security including policies and procedures, and technical aspects like network architecture or status of network assets.

Based on the results of a security scan, Hudson Cybertec will set up a plan of action to improve the security level of your organization and help your organization to implement it.

A security scan is the first necessary step for a responsible cyber security policy and can be used as a baseline. To maintain the cyber security level of the organization it is important to perform a security scan on a regular basis.


For our security scans, Hudson Cybertec follows the international IEC 62443 standard for Industrial Automation & Control Systems security. In addition, we can perform scans according to industry specific guidelines, guidelines from your organization or other methods.

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